Occupational Therapy Services

Comprehensive Assessment

Comprehensive assessments are a necessary part of the therapy process.  It creates the baseline of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and provides the roadmap for setting goals.  The purpose of the assessment is:

  • To get to know your child and establish rapport
  • Gather information to identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • Observe your child during functional activities of everyday life.
  • Observe your child’s social interactions
  • Start the goal-setting process

An initial assessment is administered over the duration of 1.5 hours that might be split over 2 sessions depending on your child’s ability to stay focussed.  During this assessment, we will administer a battery of formal and non-formal assessments according to your child’s age, ability and limitations.  This is followed by a comprehensive report outlining your child’s therapy plan, goals and the type of therapy recommended (individual or group) as well as the duration of sessions.